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"We", Dolphin and Mermaids company, care about privacy of information sent to us while using Moods app and visiting website ("Service").

Information we collect
  • Account information
    • Email address
    • Name
    • User images (optional)
    • Phone number or FaceTime email address (optional)
  • Mood information
    • Text of mood
    • Comments
    • Attached photo, audio or video recording
    • Location (with user permission)
    • IP address of a device (from which mood was sent)
How we use information
  • We use collected information for correct work of service and comfort of the user.
  • We do not use collected information for personal use.
How we store information
  • Servers that store information may belong to companies, who provide virtual hosting services to us. Read their privacy policy by following links below:
  • Servers are located in different countries of the world including Netherlands, USA, Switzerland, Germany.
  • After deleting account all information related to it is deleted and can not be restored.
Information disclosure
  • We do not see infromation about user moods.
  • We can see account information to resolve issues with work of service.
  • We do not disclose information to third parties. Exceptions are below:
    • We can disclose information to public authorities if this required by law of country in which information is stored.
    • Companies, who provide virtual hosting services to us, have access to the information.
    • Anonymous part of information can be to third parties to improve the service or for collecting statistics.
  • Connection between user and service is encrypted using TLS protocol.
  • We do not store user passwords, only their hashes.
  • if user knows another user's code, user can access only image and name of another user.
  • Moods can only be seen by user, who wrote them and friends of this user. If user disabled broadcasting to friends, when wrote the mood, this mood can be seen only by the user, who wrote it.
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